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Hire Software Developers or any other technical employees through our ZERO INITIAL INVESTMENT outsourcing model with 100% success rate.

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Your Team of Experts Developers

Our dedicated team model allows you to set up a nearshore delivery center in the top locations for nearshore outsourcing – Macedonia and Serbia. The fully transparent approach enables your to outsource the non-essential tasks and concentrate on the management of your development team.

What is a Dedicated Team?

Your dedicated team, your nearshore home

A Client Exclusive Team or a Dedicated Team is an extension of your company staff in a remote location. Hosted by Axeltra, the Dedicated Team is assigned to you exclusively and managed by you. The nearshore team of dedicated developers, quality assurance testers, project managers or any other profiles you assign to the team typically work closely together with the Clients Product Owner. We have the capacity to form and operate your nearshore development team with any experience level, technology and line of expertise, and all at a fraction of the cost that our competitors charge.


A simple pricing formula

Transparent pricing model

Our simple pricing formula is a unique value proposition that you will not find with any of our competitors. Our transparent model allows you to fully control the cost of your team. We negotiate the salaries with each team member on your behalf and ensure that you obtain fair market prices. Best of all, we let you know the exact salary of each team member.


Why choose Dedicated Team over other engagement models?

Dedicated teams let you avert risk, keep core competence in-house and hire top talent

Our Client Exclusive Team model is best suited for companies in need of long-term strategic staff augmentation in a low-cost region, or for companies having difficulty finding qualified employees in their local markets. By working with us, companies avert a great deal of the risk of opening and operating offices on their own in regions where they have little or no previous experience. With us, companies can gain instant access to a highly-skilled pool of software developers, and can also benefit from our know-how in team formation and management–all with no required investment. By choosing to augment staff by forming a Dedicated Team you outsource only the non-essential tasks such as team formation, payroll, infrastructure, retention and the daily ad-hoc operations while retaining your core competence in-house.

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No unpredictable outcomes or expenses!

We remove uncertainty out of nearshore development

We will never charge you for any overheads that usually arise when working with software developers. It is important to understand that we do not charge you more to cover these situations–we are so confident in the performance of our employees that we simply take such risks ourselves and in this ways protect you from situations you can’t control. Our policies ensure that you will not only benefit from lower prices, but a great deal of the risk of managing unforeseen situations is transferred to us. This eliminates the most important challenge of operating a nearshore development team –managing uncertainty.

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Is Client Exclusive Team for software developers only?

Form a Dedicated Team of professionals in any Branch!

Although a vast majority of the nearshore dedicated teams we have formed are consisted of software developers working for software development companies we have also formed dedicated teams in areas such as Architecture, Data Labeling, Lead Generation, Marketing, Technical Support Agents, Data Entry and Call Centers. Our nearshore development center strives to provide experts in any technology or area our clients require.


Your nearshore image reflection

Your team, your culture

Because we use established best practices in forming and operating Client Exclusive Teams, your team will become an integral part of your own staff in no time. At the same time, your team will benefit from being part of a larger community of developers. This is proven to have a positive effect on the overall performance of your team, lowering the attrition rate and providing your employees with a positive work environment that encourages knowledge sharing and presents greater career advancement opportunities.

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Reasons to for a Dedicated Team with Axeltra

A far cry from traditional outsourcing methods this model allows you to own nearshore development team without the hassles and of day to day operations.

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Read what our customers are saying…

From large corporations to the most innovative startups and digital marketing agencies – our nearshore software development offices in Macedonia and Serbia handle a wide variety of clients who rely on our software outsourcing and IT Staff Augmentation services.

Georg Doppler-Popovic
CEO / LogicX, Austria
Georg Doppler-Popovic
Cooperating with Axeltra has proved to be one the easiest and the most cost effective software development outsourcing models we have tried.
Eddy Thans
CEO / Prime Vision, The Netherlands
Cooperation spanning in years!
Axeltra have been a tremendous help. Their flexible and dedicated team have assisted Prime Group working on a variety of projects.
Ralf Nieman
CTO / Publicis Pixelpark, Germany
SAP Hybris delivered by remote team
By working with Axeltra we were able to deliver mega projects in niche technologies, effectively on time and within the set cost parameters.
Patrik Eriksson
Founder / Intelliplan, Sweden
Axeltra adds value
By using Axeltra’s services we were able to form a cohesive and productive software development team that operates flawlessly with our onsite developers.
Martin Häfliger
CEO / Nextron, Switzerland
A cost effective solution that provided us with great value!
Axeltra proves that Macedonia is still the most cost effective country in Eastern Europe for managing and operating a nearshore development team.

Custom Software Development

Work with us on developing your latest business idea or outsource your software improvement task to one of our expert software development teams. Our software development processes and methodologies are tailored at meeting the most complex business and technical requirements of our clients.

Software Development Outsourcing

Staff Augmentation Services

Reach top talent, the top 1% IT talent, when you need them. Our nearshore development centers are based in Serbia and Macedonia letting you benefit from both locations and even use staff augmentation services in Belgrade, Serbia to complement your team of dedicated developers in Skopje, Macedonia.

IT Staff Augmentation

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