Who we are.

As experts in nearshore software outsourcing, we offer a novel approach in this domain that guarantees sustainability and enables you to keep the core competence in-house. We are offering you our unmatched expertise in forming and running remote development teams as part of your own company and all at the lowest possible cost and maximum efficiency. As providers of Client Exclusive Teams, we have formed and operated teams for more than fifteen different partners from around Europe. As a full life cycle development company, we can help you accomplish all of your software development needs through our established best practices and know-how in software development.


What we do.

Client Exclusive Teams – Outsource and retain core competence in-house!

A Client Exclusive Team is an extension of your company staff in a remote location. Hosted by Axeltra, the team is assigned to you exclusively and managed by you allowing you to retain your core competence in-house and outsource only the non-essential tasks such as team formation, payroll, infrastructure, etc. We have the capacity to form and operate Client Exclusive Teams with any experience level, technology, and line of expertise, and all at a fraction of the cost that our competitors charge. Our offer is based on the formula INVOICE = (Developer Salary + Tax + Our Fee) – (Holidays, Sick Leave, Incidental Leave). This value proposition is that our customers do not pay for costs that they cannot control or plan. The Client Exclusive Team model is best suited for companies in need of long-term strategic staff augmentation in a low-cost region, or for companies having difficulty finding qualified employees in their local markets. By working with us, companies avert a great deal of the risk of opening and operating offices on their own in regions where they have little or no previous experience.

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Full Project Outsourcing

As either a supplement to our Client Exclusive Team or as a separate offering entirely, we offer classic full-project outsourcing services based on time and material or fixed price. Blending technical know-how and a unique mix of technologies, we work with you to design, develop, deploy, and maintain software solutions. We provide a full range of services, helping you to accomplish your software development needs through a complex and thorough quality process that combines proven project management techniques with the latest in state-of-the-art software development.

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Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed to help you choose the right technology to reach your business objectives and targeted budget.

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Quality Assurance

Our consulting services are designed to help you choose the right technology to reach your business objectives and targeted budget.

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Rates for Client Exclusive Team.

We will not waste your time and make you send us an email and wait for a response to obtain a quote. We have decided to publish the prices so that you can immediately get an overview of the monthly cost per team member.

Position Level Experience* Average Monthly** Average hourly rate***
Team Lead Senior 8/3 € 3,070.00 €19.18
Developer Senior 6/2 € 2,295.00 €14.34
Developer Junior 2/2 € 1,645.00 €10.28
Quality Assurance Senior 4/2 € 2,015.00 €12.59

*Total experience in software development / Total years in the position indicated in the column Level.
** The average monthly cost is derived by deducting the paid and public holidays in a year. This amount is billed only if the consultant has worked for at least 160 hours in that month.
***The hourly rate is calculated by dividing the average monthly total by 160 hours per month. The average in both instances is taken on a yearly basis.
Note: The prices given are based on the latest round of interviews, in this instance for a Java team. The prices may vary as much as 5-10%, depending on the current market demand for developers and the seniority of the candidates.

Why Macedonia


Macedonia is the right choice!

  • Macedonia offers a favorable business environment–low labor costs, a highly skilled workforce, and a fresh perspective
  • Macedonia has the fastest growing ICT market in the Adriatic region
  • Leading multinational hardware and software suppliers (Microsoft, HP, IBM) have local sales and support services in Macedonia
  • A lively network of ICT organizations, research centers, and associations means Macedonia is always up-to-date with the latest global trends
  • Thanks to our excellent ICT universities, we have a highly educated workforce, a large percentage of which has specialized additional technical training
  • Macedonian labor is cost effective and we traditionally have a strong work ethic
  • We offer excellent language skills (English, French, German…)
  • Cultural similarity- European culture, European business culture
  • The EU Educated managers at Axeltra

Lets get in touch!

Axeltra is based in Skopje, Macedonia. For inquiries, suggestions,
or feedback, please contact us or call direct on +389 2 306 19 42.

Axeltra is a perfect match for any digital marketing agency due to its ability to attract highly skilled yet creative talent – fully transparent pricing allows us to control our expenses and reward performance. Our team is seamlessly integrated into our company.

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Hogni av Regni, SEV

Providing specialists for our dedicated team was a challenge due to the the scarcity of resources for the MS Dynamics family of products. Axeltra formed the team and currently operates it at a 100% efficiency rate.

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Seer, Norway

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