Software Outsourcing to Macedonia

Your nearshore dedicated team in Macedonia

There are numerous reasons that encourage companies do decide on outsourcing to North Macedonia. The country has the lowest wages in Eastern Europe, a large pool of qualified IT experts, and a perfect business climate makes North Macedonia the best nearshore outsourcing location in the region.

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Macedonia is the number one outsourcing destination

There are many factors to be considered when making the decision of outsourcing to North Macedonia as the best destination for your software outsourcing and staff expansion needs. The lowest wages in Eastern Europe, a large pool of qualified IT experts, and a perfect business climate are some of the elements. With its years of experience in the field and its sophisticated methodologies, Axeltra is your perfect partner for forming both long- and short-term partnerships in the region.

Our Skopje Offices

  • Aluminka Business Center, Bulevar Partizanski Odredi 70b, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

  • MIDA Business Center, Bulevar 8mi Septemvri, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

  • SET Business Center, Franklin Ruzvelt 21, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Axeltra – your long term outsourcing partner

Axeltra always considers its customers as integral members of the dedicated development team. With the expertise acquired from our extensive knowledge of agile development and experience in providing services such as staff augmentation in Macedonia, we have formed a distributed development process and identified the following key ingredients which we incorporate in all our projects:

  • We hire highly skilled professionals
  • We adapt the organization’s structure to support distributed development

  • We facilitate staying in close contact with the customer

  • We remotely manage, negotiate, and deliver all projects

As an outsourcing vendor, we offer our expertise, know-how, and capabilities to help you plan, design, develop, and execute a fully customized software project.

By using Axeltra’s services we were able to form a cohesive and productive software development team that operates flawlessly with our onsite developers.

We make Software Development Outsourcing to Macedonia easy

Top Reasons to Outsource to North Macedonia


Benefits of forming a dedicated team in Macedonia

Axeltra’s transparent business model and long-term experience with providing services such staff augmentation in Macedonia are factors that allow you to hire the best quality software professionals at a significantly lower cost with no hidden surprises. We have been helping clients set up their development teams since 2004, and throughout the years we have continuously improved our offering, making it as transparent, sustainable, and flexible as possible

Hire programmers in North Macedonia

More about Axeltra

We want to be flexible enough to meet all of your needs. We offer a full range of offshore outsourcing services that are defined as broadly as possible. You need custom projects, and we’re able to adapt. Most of our offered services are divided into:

  • Client Exclusive Team formation and management

  • Software application development

  • Mobile application development

  • Technology consulting

  • Support and maintenance

  • Project management

Combining these with Axeltra’s capabilities and know-how on one hand and our agile theory development practice on the other makes for a powerful integrated outsourcing service.

The agile theory is a method for working on projects that allows greater customer-client interaction, deeper collaboration, and a more relaxed and creative working atmosphere. The main postulate is that the project requirements change during the process and it is impossible to define them in the beginning accurately. We make sure that by choosing us as your partner in the process of outsourcing to North Macedonia you will be able to fully benefit from our competence and our expertise in providing outsourcing services.

Our Skopje team Skill Matrix

Software Engineering 70%
Data Entry 20%
Interface Design 10%
Average salary savings compared to West Europe
Staff attrition rate based on previous year measures
IT professionals
Yearly IT Graduates

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