Software Testing & Quality Assurance Outsourcing

Software testing, Quality Assurance and on- demand QA Engineers delivered nearshore via our independent QA Outsourcing Department.

Nearshore QA Outsourcing Center

Our independent QA team works on strengthening your products and services providing expert quality assurance and software testing.

Remote Quality Assurance Outsourcing

Providing the right Quality Assurance Outsourcing model for your organization

Our experienced QA engineers can work as an independent part of your company, helping you to deliver quality software while ensuring cost-effective test cycles. Based on your needs, you can hire QA engineers on a part-time basis or scale your team to a level that meets your demands; through our Client Exclusive Team model we offer you the opportunity of hiring your own full-time QA dedicated team.


Avert risks, avoid dissatisfied customers

Improving Quality Assurance Policies

The time to market and the quality of the product make the difference between success and failure. Poor QA outsourcing practices can increase risks, potentially creating a loss of product value and overall customer dissatisfaction. We eliminate these risks by helping you improve your ongoing QA policies. We can also manage the entire QA process, providing independent control and analysis.

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Choose the best quality assurance provider

Our QA outsourcing process

To provide a productive testing environment and ensure that only bug-free products are released, we include QA from the very beginning of the development cycle. This enables us to deliver products on time and within budget, completely fulfilling your quality assurance requirements. The role of our QA engineer is not just reporting bugs to developers, but much more. The QA engineers can team up with developers, writing unit test cases and discussing acceptance requirements. This helps in resolving any lack of clarity, leading to greater efficiency and earlier feedback for all parties involved. QA assistance throughout development results in identifying bugs in the early stages and delivering an error-free and stable product in the end.

Our Software Testing Services and Quality Assurance Methods

Our quality assurance engineers use best practice approach for full QA cycle implementation

Outsource Accounting Services

The “QA Experience” Meetups

Get an insight from our yearly meetup on code verification and testing practices organized by our very best QA Engineers

  • qa professionals

QA Meetup hosted by Axeltra

Axeltra is pleased to have hosted an exciting QA event Excellent networking, learning, sharing experiences and as always good food, drinks [...]

Our QA Skills and software testing tools

Our QA engineers have the diverse skills and the technical expertise to support various quality assurance needs. We use the best practices for the QA lifecycle by starting testing simultaneously with the development process, allowing the project to be thoroughly tested before final delivery. This speeds up the entire software development process, reduces development costs, and provides the highest possible degree of client satisfaction.We work with the leading tools for testing. We use Selenium, SoapUI and many others. However, the QA engineers can adjust to working with any tool you choose. Our focus is to provide :

  • Training and encouragement for test-driven development

  • Integration with CI (Continues integration) systems such as “Jenkins” (

  • Integration with code quality tools such as “Sonar” (

  • Automation of the building process; one-click deployment

  • Quality assurance outsourcing best-practice guidance

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