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Your nearshore dedicated team in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is becoming one of the most competitive nearshore outsourcing destinations in Europe. Moreover, it is the first European country to be included in the top outsourcing countries for 2010. Outsourcing to Bulgaria allows your company to benefit from the convenience of working with a team in the GMT+2 time zone.

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Outsourcing to Bulgaria offers the advantages of a European mentality and culture, a highly skilled and multilingual workforce, superb technological competence, competitive prices and EU-compatible legislation, and it provides all of these assets without sacrificing quality.

The country’s talent pool of developers is vast and very skilled. The universities of Bulgaria, particularly the departments of computer science and mathematics, enjoy an excellent reputation for producing highly educated mathematicians, engineers, and technicians.

Bulgaria is 8th in the world for total number of ICT specialists

Bulgaria is ranked 8th in the world for the total number of ICT specialists, 2nd in the world in IQ tests, and 3rd in world for certified IT professionals per capita. Moreover, the country provides a convenient location, with direct flights available to most major European cities. Big corporations such as SAP, VMware, Oracle, IBM, HP, Apple, Microsoft, and CISCO have established presences there.

Outsourcing to Bulgaria increasingly becomes a strategic decision for numerous companies located worldwide as it means gaining access to not only a highly skilled and competitive workforce, but low operational costs overall. Its corporate and personal income tax rate is only 10%, the lowest in the European Union. Bulgaria offers an excellent geostrategic location and English is widely spoken. All these factors guarantee your success when outsourcing to Bulgaria, a destination that reduces your internal overheads, improves your employee efficiency, and enables higher profit margins for your company.

We make Software Development Outsourcing to Bulgaria easy

Top Reasons to Outsource to Bulgaria

By using Axeltra’s services we were able to form a cohesive and productive software development team that operates flawlessly with our onsite developers.

Patrik Eriksson, Founder, Intelliplan


Benefits of forming a dedicated team in Bulgaria

Axeltra offers the most sustainable outsourcing model, guaranteeing success with zero initial investment costs. We have 10 years of experience in managing outsourcing projects, and we provide you with a large pool of experienced and skilled professionals who are certified in a wide range of technologies. As a market leader in providing services such as staff augmentation in Bulgaria, as well as staff extension services, we offer you the possibility of forming your own dedicated team in Bulgaria. The full scope of our outsourcing services evolves and changes as the market changes. We offer the following:

Hire programmers in Bulgaria

What to expect?

Our core team approach is the client exclusive team model, tailored to best meet your business needs and to save you significant time and money. You form and manage your dedicated team in Bulgaria directly. We provide full flexibility in up-scaling or decreasing your team size in order to ensure that your team is optimally configured for your business needs at all times. Your dedicated team will be ready to work in the shortest time possible, usually in 3 to 4 weeks. Once you have your team, you’ll find it’s ready to hit the ground running. Our professionals are especially chosen for their ability to quickly adapt to your business domain and technological environment.
Our management fee covers the full range of administrative, human and technical services that guarantees that your team functions smoothly at all times. We provide:

  • Human resources (recruitment, candidate search and selection, team establishment, retention, evaluation, team improvement)
  • Infrastructure (computer workstations, Internet, communication and collaboration tools, servers, office facilities)

  • Administration and finance (monthly invoices, including a completely transparent overview of costs and salaries, attendance worksheets, and business travel coordination)

We favor agile project management with scrum practices to ensure that the project proceeds in smaller iterations, allowing you to have complete project control. This eliminates risk and improves the overall work productivity. We provide full support throughout the complete process, in order to help you achieve your goals, set when opting for the strategy of outsourcing to Bulgaria.

Our Belgrade team Skill Matrix

Software Developers 70%
DevOps & Technical Support 20%
Interface Design 10%
Average salary savings compared to West Europe
Staff attrition rate based on previous year measures
IT professionals
Yearly IT Graduates

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