Software Outsourcing to Serbia

Your nearshore dedicated team in Serbia

Unmatched in resource availability and technical prowess at affordable prices, Belgrade is your number one choice when considering outsourcing to Serbia. Form your dedicated team in Serbia with Axeltra, the market leader in staff augmentation and staff extensions services.

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Outsource to Serbia and join the fastest growing economy in the region

Outsourcing to Serbia is a strategic decision that numerous companies located worldwide tend to make as the country is as considered one of the most promising IT outsourcing destinations in Europe. Its stable business conditions, EU legislation compliance, attractive tax incentives, low tax rates, and very reasonable labor costs have been attracting scores of international corporations.

A few more reasons for hiring programmers located in this country are the strong technical and scientific curriculum in Serbian universities, extensive cooperation with Western companies throughout the years, and European work culture have all been factors in allowing the IT industry in the country, specifically the outsourcing segment, to rapidly develop into one of the most important sectors of the Serbian economy.

Our Belgrade office

  • Ushce Tower, 14th Floor

  • Bulevar Mihajlo Pupin 6,
    11070, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 20 minutes from  Nikola Tesla Airport

  • 5 minutes from city center

  • Close to Hyatt, Crowne Plaza, Falkstainer,Holiday Inn hotels

  • 1 minute to Usce Shopping Center

Serbia has excellent IT education foundations

Experienced, certified and well-trained IT professionals, fluent in many languages; people who are motivated and dedicated to work—this is what Serbia can offer your business. Serbia is highly desirable for IT outsourcing and software development services. Around 33 percent of university graduates come from the renowned Serbian technical departments. Many of them acquire even more technical and mathematical expertise working in international companies located in Serbia.

As a result, our clients can choose highly skilled professionals from a large pool of experts, making outsourcing to Serbia an excellent opportunity to hire the best for a reasonable price.

We make Software Development Outsourcing to Serbia easy

Top Reasons to Outsource to Serbia

By using Axeltra’s services we were able to form a cohesive and productive software development team that operates flawlessly with our onsite developers.

Patrik Eriksson, Founder, Intelliplan


Benefits of forming a dedicated team in Serbia

Axeltra’s transparent business model and vast experience with services such as staff augmentation in Serbia, allows you to hire the best quality software professionals at a significantly lower cost with no hidden surprises. We have been helping clients set up their development teams since 2004, and throughout the years we have continuously improved our offering, making it as transparent, sustainable, and flexible as possible

Hire programmers in Serbia

What to expect?

Our model is effective because we don’t just treat you as “a client” we work together with you to accomplish strategic goals if you opt for the strategy of outsourcing to Serbia . Our pool of IT experts in the country offers you the opportunity to hire professionals with proven outstanding performance ability, extensive domain knowledge, and business acumen. They can provide exceptional solutions for your business problems.

We help you create your perfect dedicated team in Serbia, the dream team that understands your technology domain, your development methodologies, and your work culture. Our business model overcomes the limitations in the traditional outsourcing model and offers you transparency every step of the way, from hiring to cost to management. Your dedicated team in Serbia will represent a group of employees that can easily be referred to as an extension to your own, in-house teams.

When outsourcing to Serbia, you can expect 40-50% savings in salary alone as compared to hiring in Western Europe or the United States. While your competition faces challenges in finding qualified developers, you already have a functional team of skilled people.

Our Belgrade team Skill Matrix

Architecture & Civil Engineering 70%
Software Development 20%
Interface Design 10%
Average salary savings compared to West Europe
Staff attrition rate based on previous year measures
IT professionals
Yearly IT Graduates

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